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Leaf & Mohave Copper Turquoise "Terra" Ring

Mohave copper turquoise ring
  • Mohave copper turquoise ring
  • earth ring
  • mojave copper turquoise ring
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  • mohave copper turquoise ring collection
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Leaf & Quartz series"Terra" ring.

Made with brass and Mohave copper turquoise, which is man made turquoise mixed with copper.
The word "terra" means the world. This beautiful cabochon resembles the earth we live in and celebrates the life in this planet. It's also a reminder that we need to take care of our habitable environment.

This ring comes with the design of the leaves softly wrap the moonstone around it.
One of a kind.
Handcrafted and Ready to Ship in US size 5.

リーフ&クォーツシリーズ, オイスターカッパーターコイズ"Terra" リング。




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