A Happy New EAR! 明けましておめでとうございます!

A Happy New EAR! 明けましておめでとうございます!

Happy New Year 2024!

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday vacation. 2023 was not all the lovely year as human, but I hope we will do better, be kinder to each other.

First things first, I have to tell my dearest customers that I donated the partial profit to Japan Res Cross instead of UNICEF this year as an exception. I've mentioned this on my Instagram story. I clearly stated that as a brand, it is in policy even, however, the earthquake that happened on January 1st in Noto Peninsula continues to affect many lives and after considering what I could do, I decided to do so. I hope you will respect and understand my decision and if you could help too, I appreciated and I am sure those who are affected would too.

So, first thing that I wanted to talk about is the new Jukai Earring Collection!

The signature iconic Jukai series never had a single earring piece until now, but now there is not one but more options to choose from!

The best part, I think, is all the earrings are sold single, so you can pick and mix up to create your style and enjoy layering if you have multiple pierced holes.

I personally love all the earrings come with 10k gold earring posts. They create beautiful contrast so it looks beautiful even when they aren't worn.

This is not a Jukai collection earring, but it is versatile and just as pretty and unique.

My go to is to mix up the Jukai Large Hoops or Jukai Small Hoops with the Jukai Bud Earring with Rhodelite Garnet.

Jukai Bud Earrings works so well with the Blooming Buds Earrings too.

layering style

Or if I wanted to go simpler, I love the Jukai Medium Hoops alone.

jukai medium earrings

The newest of the collection is the Jukai Silhouette Earrings with Pearls.

These are so unique and dainty. The tiny fresh pearls move freely and add playfulness to the look.

There are so many ways to wear the new collection, so it is really up to you to create your style. I hope you'll enjoy them!




Jukai earrings with stones 



私は普段はラージサイズ、またはスモールサイズロードライトガーネットのコンビネーションを楽しんでいます。でもBlooming Budsともとても相性が良いので、片耳はずっとその組み合わせです。

jukai earrings with fresh pearls



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