In order to keep your jewelry beautiful and as long as it is meant to last,
please keep these things in mind and treat your special piece with care and love it deserves.
What to Keep in Mind
For larger stone jewelry pieces;
Please be aware that the larger stones can be easily damaged or cracked when hit by a hard object. Please remove the ring if you are carrying heavy loads, playing sports, or any occasion that can be hazardous to the stones.
For prong setting jewelry pieces;
Please be careful when you wear knitted clothes or any material that prongs can get caught by as it could damage your clothes and the prongs which could possibly lead to the prongs get loosen and make the stone to fall out.
For pearls and other particular stones;
As pearls and some other gemstones such as opals are very fragile, please keep away from water and submerging into pool.
For all the gemstones;
Please remove the ring when washing hands and specially alcoholic sanitizers.
Any chemicals can change the color of gemstones or damage it.
Please remove the necklace and the earrings when showering and swimming.
For brass jewelry;
Some people may experience the skin color reaction to brass jewelry. This is not due to the quality of the metal. The color change of the skin is likely happened when the brass jewelry had contact with water or sweat. You can apply thin coat of nail polish to part of the brass jewelry where it touches your skin to avoid discoloration of your skin.
How to Care Your Jewelry
For sterling silver jewelry;
Sterling silver naturally get tarnished over time. The best way to keep its condition is to keep wearing it, however, if you leave the piece unworn, it will be darken. While some people prefer the look of the darker silver, if you prefer the shiny silver look, use the silver cloth to gently wipe the metal. Please avoid the stone area while cleaning it. Do not use the silver polishing liquid if the jewelry contains gemstone.
For all metal jewelry;
Please use soft cloth to wipe all the sweat and water daily.