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Your favorite moment's color pallet in jewelry

My second blog post is about perhaps many people's highlight in life; wedding.Because June is traditionally a month of brides, "June Bride," I have decided to write little bit about my wedding.

I got married back in June in 2012 at New York City hall in Chinatown. It was such a small, intimate wedding that we only had one guest. I made my own earrings and wore an ivory colored chiffon top with a powder blue layered midi length skirt that was handmade in Brooklyn. My husband wore suits in the same color tone with my outfit. We picked up my favorite flowers, hydrangeas, from a bodega in Williamsburg on our way to the city hall and quickly wrapped up with craft papers and tied it in ribbon that came with our ring box. Little did I know, the flowers needed to be kept hydrated, they ended up looking pretty sad by the end of the ceremony. Fortunately, at least I have one picture of my instant wedding bouquet while it was still looking alive and fresh photographed.   My love for this faded pale toned color is eternal. I always find myself drawn to it. Whether it's a dress, or a painting, or a flower, or a stone, I find the color palette soothing and healing. And I love the "washed out" colors instantly make everything feel more approachable and fresh. The softness of the color palette is, to me, more of a contemporary take on the traditions rather than actual traditions. And that was exactly what I wanted for my wedding color palette.

When I look back at the wedding pictures from the day, I see the minimum soft colors that bring back the memories and joy. Do you have any favorite color scheme that directly brings back your favorite moments in life or memory? It's like the feeling rather than details. If you know which color palette makes you happy, calm, and soothe, have that reachable to you or surrounded by it.  It's a good easy way to find peaceful place in your mind. My handmade earrings from my wedding featured those light green amethyst and white topaz and they are such healing color combinations and always gives me a happy smile. When you wear stones that are muted tones, you can easily bring multiple colors and look beautiful. I love using different color pallets in jewelry pieces and hope you can find a piece that connects with your happy memories.

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