Life; searching for treasures of our own

Life; searching for treasures of our own

It's been a long time since the last blog post I know.

My life went thru a major change recently.  Ever since I moved back in Osaka four years ago, I was living with my parents with my husband and two little children. To say my mom was the biggest help is understatement.  I don't think I could survive even the first week without her after having my second boy.  I am so thankful for the time we stayed in my parents house.  Originally, we had planned going back to NYC after a few years, but there was a pandemic, then everything has changed.  We started thinking of finding our own home early this summer and it felt so right when suddenly the apartment we could only wish for came up.  Of course we jumped. It really was meant to be. We could not believe how timing worked out for us.  Life is full of these moments and it's about appreciation.  The move itself was so hard because we had collected so much stuff in the last four years.  It was almost traumatizing but we managed it without losing mind of either my husband's or mine.  Our children absolutely love their new home. That's probably the best part. It made everything worth it after my oldest son said he loves his new home to us numerous times.

Life goes through many paths. Some are made by choice, some may not.  Some may go smooth, some may be bumpy.  Life takes turns sometimes unexpectedly without ones control as well as by ones big decision which sometimes could go unexpected direction, too.

My new collections, Heartfelt Note and Treasure Hunting collections, are the representation of the life with unexpected.  The hidden gems represent the treasures we encounters in life.  Those are the joyful moments, meaningful turns, people we meet, or important metaphors that could lead to a better path in life.  I believe those are the things that drive us, motivate us and make our lives happy.  And most importantly, those moments are personal, meaning it does not have to be perfect or beautiful to anyone else.  I hope many people will find my collections unique and I hope some people find it beautiful.

Thanks for reading.

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