About Designer

Pigeon Dynamite's jewelry is designed and created by Rie Matsui, a founder of Pigeon Dynamite. Born in Osaka, Japan, Rie grew up in the urban environment where old and new coexisted. Having a grandmother who was a jewelry collector been a huge influence on her, she learned how to create jewelry with vintage pieces and contemporary pieces. She moved to New York to pursue her education but shortly after acquiring her B.F.A. in Interior Design, she realized her love of design could not be expressed by computers but only by her own hands. She rediscovered the greatest joy of creating something beautiful with her hands while training herself to become a jewelry maker.

In 2012, she founded Pigeon Dynamite in Brooklyn. Now she crafts her jewelry pieces in Queens, NY.


Pigeon Dynamite's concept is simple; the handcrafted jewelry can make people happy. That is the fundamental belief. Each piece is handmade with love and hope for the person who wears it to feel energized, to feel beautiful, to enjoy the life and make happy memories with it. Its imperfect beauty can only be achieved by human hands. Pigeon Dynamite does not mass produce the products with machines but keeps the production limited so that it can minimize the impact on our environment. As a part of our planet, we take our responsibility seriously and seek every opportunity to find better ecological process in every production faze possible. We make sure we source materials right and conflict free. All of our casters recycle gold, and the suppliers and stone cutters are family owned local businesses in Manhattan, and other materials are sourced locally as possible.

Give back

Pigeon Dynamite donates a dollar from every jewelry piece purchased to UNICEF USA  since 2015.