My First Post!

My First Post!

First things first, thank you for visiting my website! I hope, in today's state of the world, more than anything, you and your loved ones are safe and staying positive.

And Happy Mother's Day! I am happy to post my first post on such a sweet day to celebrate all the mothers in the world.

Please allow me to introduce myself; my name is Rie Matsui. I am a designer and a maker of my jewelry, Pigeon Dynamite. And I am a mom of two little boys who are almost 3 & 1. When I was studying Interior Design in New York City and did interns and briefly worked in the field after graduating from college, I found myself sort of lost in need for creating something with hands. Much of the technical part of "designing" in interior design is done by computers and I gravitated towards the freedom of handcrafted creations in jewelry form.

My philosophy in jewelry as a maker is jewelry can bring the joy and happiness to the person who wears it. It empowers the person just as it allows him/her to express and feel secured and protected. Jewelry can be as symbolic as engagement rings, wedding rings, something that represents the persons marital status, and as spiritual as talismans. The jewelry can hold something meaningful and personal as it could be a family inheritance or a piece you replaced after a breakup. I believe in the optimism and good karma. Even in the darkest time, I find much joy in creating and putting in my soul to each piece. I hope you could feel the warmth underneath the piece I made. It is like the sunshine underground.





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